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Types of ads

Create the type of banner that is right for you. Load as many banners as you want to find what works best.
 TEXT - just write whatever you want in html
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Size and position

We only have three ad spots and they're all in great positions. You choose or mix and match.
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Advertising Packages



1,000 Impressions

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Our visitors are 62% English with others including Russian, German, Spanish, and French. Approximately 80% of all users each day are discovering the site for the first time. On average, they each view 10 pages and stay on the site for 8 minutes during each visit. Only about 10% of our traffic will "bounce" after viewing only one page and 30% of our visitors view the site on their mobile device or tablet.

Industry Comparison

Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) is a standard industry method of pricing ads for television, radio, direct mail, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and yes, websites too. This is a fair system because the publisher is not responsible for the effectiveness of your banners and unlike monthly rates, you know exactly how many times your banner or ad will be displayed. The cheapest it ever gets is around one dollar per thousand for a small ad at the bottom or on a back page of a small newspaper or spammy website. That is not what we are talking about. A medium-sized rich-media banner on a reliable site will typically cost between $18-30 CPM, but if it's toward the top of the page you can expect to pay $50 CPM, prominent site sponsorship will go higher than $75 CPM, ...and everything gets more expensive depending on how niche or specific the publishing site is!

Our Pricing

If the target audience you want to reach are enthusiasts of erotic & fantasy art and you want prominent placement for your banner, then you should easily see the value in advertising with us. It's NOT going to cost you $100 CPM, nor will it cost $75 or even $50. As hard as it may be to imagine, it's not even going to cost $25 or $15 or $10 but FOR A LIMITED TIME we are offering YOUR CHOICE of any ad type or position on this site for ONLY $5 (OR LESS!) per 1,000 banner displays.

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Erotic Art Village is FREE for everyone so we rely on sponsorship from our ads to help keep us going. Thank you for considering advertising with us!